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iLuv debuts new speakers for iPad, Mac and PC

Posted in iLuv by Shane McGlaun on May 25th, 2010

I have wished on more than one occasion that my iPad had more volume and better sound for its onboard speaker. That’s not possible though and if you want better sound from your iPad too; we will need to look to the aftermarket for speakers that work with the iPad.

iLuv has announced a new line of speakers that with the iPad and Mac or PC computers. The new speakers include the iSP130 Mini Clip speaker, the iSP150 Portable Speaker Bar, and the iSP170 Cube Speakers. The 130 speaker is designed to clip onto the screen of any laptop and get power from the USB port.

The 150 is a small speaker bar that is aimed at the iPad, but will work with the iPhone, laptops and other devices using a 3.5mm jack. It can get power from USB or four AAA batteries. The 170 Cube Speakers are USB powered and aimed at laptop users. The 130 sell for $19.99, the 150 are $34.99, and the 170 are $39.99 and all are available now.


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