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AViiQ shows off one very portable laptop stand

Posted in Accessories,Notebooks by Shane McGlaun on May 26th, 2010

If I have to work from my laptop or my netbook for any length of time, I almost always take a laptop stand with me. I hate looking down at the screen; it gives me a headache after a while. The catch is that most notebook stands are so bulky you can’t fit them into a notebook bag.

AViiQ has announced a new notebook stand simply called the Portable Laptop Stand, and the name describes the stand well. The little stand is only a quarter of an inch thick when folded up.

When set up for use the stand raises the screen of the notebook or netbook by 12-degrees and promises to help remove heat from machines that tend to run hot. The stand is made from a composite material called Hylite. Hylite is aluminum sheets bonded to a polypropylene core. The aluminum sheets are then milled for the thin design of the stand. You can pick the stand up for $79.95.