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Nintendo 3DS concept turns up

Posted in Concepts by Shane McGlaun on April 5th, 2010

Other than playing games on my iPhone, I have never had a real desire for mobile gaming. My son has a PSP (which he never plays) and a Nintendo DS, which gets player a lot. I just stick with the iPhone.

The announcement of the coming Nintendo 3DS has me intrigued though. I especially like that you don’t need glasses for 3D games. We aren’t sure what screens the device will use at this point or even what it will look like, but I hope it looks like this concept.

Yanko Design has a concept up that looks like a cross between a PSP and current DS. The big screens tilt like a netbook and it has a d-pad and analog stick on the left with buttons and other controls on the right side. The thing looks very slick and the only issue I have with the design is the exposed controls will take some abuse.

Yanko Design