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Intel X25-V SSD is cheap, assuming you want 1000 of them

Posted in Intel by Shane McGlaun on March 16th, 2010

The price of SSDs are starting to come down where many computer users might be considering buying one. You can now get a few low capacity SSDs for around $100. The catch to these cheap SSDs is that they don’t offer much storage making them really only useful for boot drives.

Intel has unveiled its new X25-V SSD with 40GB of storage space. The SSD sells for $125 in quantities of 1000 and is aimed at notebooks, netbooks, and desktop computers looking for a fast boot drive for the OS and critical applications.

Obviously, in most system you will want to pair the 40GB SSD with a high capacity normal HDD. I think a 40GB boot drive and a 2TB mass storage drive would be great for most of us.


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