Gearboard concept takes that controller mess from the floor and hangs it on the wall

Posted in Concepts by Shane McGlaun on March 25th, 2010

I know exactly what my wife would say if I were to bring home the Gearboard concept and try to hang it in the living room. She would say, “You’re not putting that ugly thing in my living room.” Apparently, having ovaries entitles you to ownership of the living room unless a picture needs to be hung or a spider squished.

The Gearboard is sort of cool with groves cut in it that accepts the little hooks of various shapes and sizes for hanging up your controllers. I think the concept would work well in a kid’s room or a game room where controllers are ok in the open.

Anywhere else and you are probably going to get some complaints about the looks. This is one concept you could probably reproduce yourself if you were so included. It sort of reminds me of those peg mazes on the McDonald’s playground up the street.

Yanko Design