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Nokia and Intel Partner on MeeGo Software Platform

Posted in Mobile Phones by Darrin Olson on February 15th, 2010

Nokia and Intel have teamed up to create MeeGo, a new open source software platform for use on mobile devices. The new platform will be a combination of the best features from the two companies existing platforms and will not target just smartphones but also tablet PC’s, netbooks and even connected television devices.

This announcement comes shortly after Nokia announced that the Symbian platform was going open source and hot on the heals of Google and their newly popular Android mobile software platform, in a clear chase to regain some of their market share. Nokia says the plans for the Symbian platform have not changed but will be used on less expensive smartphones, with the more expensive devices running MeeGo.

The new platform will be a “fully-open” and Linux based, and according to the MeeGo website the new OS will support both Atom and ARM from Intel. Developers will be able to create applications using the Qt framework allowing them to develop one set of source code to compile to multiple platforms.

MeeGo will be combination of Maemo created by Nokia and Moblin from Intel and will contain the best features from both systems, running the Moblin core and the user interface toolkit from Maemo.

At this point only Nokia has announced plans to run the new MeeGo software however more announcements are expected from other operators to support the OS.


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