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Fruit Slide is way cooler than a bowl for your fruit

Posted in Kitchen Gadgets by Shane McGlaun on February 3rd, 2010

We go through lots of fruit in our house and most of it is apples. We tend to throw the apples in the fridge in a bowl. My daughter is too small to open the fridge and get an apple herself, which means I have to get them for her and any parent of a young child knows they want to be independent. The fruit also tends to be bruised easily in a bowl and my kids won’t eat bruised apples.

A new fruit holder that should work for any roundish fruit like apples and oranges has been unveiled by Swedish designers Michael Andersson and Maria Axelqvist. The thing is a tube that curls around and looks like a little version of a water slide with an open top and should prevent bruises pretty well.

The idea is that you stack the fruit in a row inside and as you grab an apple from the bottom, the fruit rolls down so it’s always at hand. I don’t see what keeps the fruit from just falling out on the floor though. I also wonder how well it will deal with irregularly shaped apples. Since it’s a design concept right now, you can’t buy one.