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Dog-e-Minder is perfect for the forgetful pet owner

Posted in Pets by Shane McGlaun on February 10th, 2010

Long ago when my wife and I were first married and before the kids came along, we had a Jack Russell terrier that had seizures. The dog had to have medications twice a day or he would seize and poop everywhere. I always had a hard time remembering to give the dog his meds, a gadget like the new Dog-e-Minder would have been handy.

The Dog-e-Minder is designed to be hooked to the dog’s collar like a nametag. It has three buttons that are for walk the dog, feed the dog, and give the dog its medications. When the task is done you hold the correct button down for three seconds and the time and date the meds were given is recorded.

The device also has a place for the pets name and your phone number in case the dog gets lost. The Dog-e-Minder is waterproof, can stand up to swimming, and dogs that drool a lot. The device can be had in several colors for $19.95 and if you order online, you get two of the devices for the price of one.