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The iPhone Christmas Tree

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on December 10th, 2009

The iPhone Christmas TreeLet’s say you are really into your iPhone. Let’s say you you worship Steve Jobs. In that case it’s totally understandable to toss out all of the conventional Christmas gear in favor of Apple products. You’ve ditched the nativity in favor of a Macworld diaroma complete with baby Stevus. You hang Apple packaging by the chimney with glee, instead of stockings. You’ve even attached Reindeer antlers to dolls of the Jobs man, pulling a sleigh.

All that’s left is to decorate the tree. Take a cue from the folks over at iPhone Savior, who have decided to decorate their Christmas tree with iPhone decorations and Steve Jobs magazine covers. We suppose you are waiting on the Apple tablet to top the the whole thing off.


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