Penguin United Crossfire: How Wii guns should be made

Posted in Wii Accessories by Conner Flynn on December 10th, 2009

Penguin United Crossfire: How Wii guns should be madeYou know the deal with Wii guns. You slide your Wii-mote into the accessory, making it too large for comfort and fugly besides. Well, the new Penguin United CrossFire does away with that scenario by integrating a Wii-mote into the gun itself. Frankly that’s how all Wii accessories should be made.

The CrossFire pistol is perfect for playing any games that require firearms. The controller integrates all of the features of a standard Wii-mote, like accelerometers, IR controller, speaker, and rumble. It also gives you easy access to a D-Pad and 1/2 buttons. The gun trigger is the “B” button while there’s an “A” button on the side of the gun. Plus there’s a Nunchuck attachment port in the butt of the gun.

Only $39.99.


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