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SGI Octane III personal supercomputer unveiled

Posted in Computers by Shane McGlaun on September 21st, 2009

sgioctaneiiiSay supercomputer to most people and they think of the massive machines that take up entire rooms at colleges and laboratories around the country. The sort of computers that have massive power and consumer as much electricity as a mall.

SGI has announced a new computer that is the first in what it calls its line of personal supercomputers. The machine is a high-performance desk side cluster. Despite the machines high-performance it takes up the same amount of space as your average workstation.

The machine is on a pedestal with a 1 x 2 foot form factor, quiet operation, easy to use features, and supports normal office power outlets. The Octane III can have up to 80 high-performance cores and up to 1TB of memory. CPUs for the machine include Intel Xeon 5500 series, Dual-core Atom processors, and Xeon 3400 processors. The machine can also be fitted with a GP-GPU card from NVIDIA. Pricing starts at $7995.