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AT&T halts sales of Nokia Mural

Posted in Nokia by Conner Flynn on September 13th, 2009

AT&T halts sales of Nokia MuralLooks like those of you who picked up the entry-level Nokia Mural from AT&T got the short end of the stick. Turns out, the device only runs on AT&T’s 2G network, instead of the 3G network as promised. It was revealed by an AT&T memo screen capture, and is being blamed on a mistake at Nokia’s factories.

The devices in question will have to be sent back to Nokia for a software re-flash. AT&T will have to send the devices back to Nokia by Sept 25th. According to a spokesperson for AT&T, those who don’t want a replacement can get an alternative.

I’m sure the higher-ups in Nokia are not very happy about it.


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