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Maxitweet breaks 140 character Twitter limit

Posted in twitter by Shane McGlaun on August 17th, 2009

maxitweet-sbOne of the big things that bothers many people about using Twitter is the 140-character limit for posts on the service. It can be very hard to say all you want to say in a single tweet thanks to the character limit.

A new service called Maxitweet has devised a way to allow Twitter users to get more characters within the 140-character limit. The company has discovered that using Unicode characters to represent one or more letters the limit can be pushed.

A good example is the word “lions” says the company. Maxitweet software replaces the “io” with a Cyrillic letter resembling the letters and the Unicode symbol for nanosecond “ns” replaces the last two letters. The word looks the same on Twitter, but has two less characters than if you simply typed it out. Using Maxitweet, Tweets can be up to 200 characters long.