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Neoluxiim shows off solar-powered e ink display

Posted in Solar Powered by Conner Flynn on July 12th, 2009

Solar powered e-ink displays are finally here. Neoluxiim recently showed them off for use in point-of-sale advertising. So all of your future e-ink ads will be in color for a more rich impulse purchase to be made by you.

While all ads are annoying, it’s nice to know that those energy-wasting flatscreen kiosks are on the way out. In the future you’ll still be annoyed by the ads, but you can at least rest assured that they will be greener.

Advertising smadvertising. Can it let me smell what they’re selling? Will it give me a food sample? Or spray me with a foul perfume? Will it show me pictures of my family and say “Buy this. Or else.”? No. You have a lot of work to do Neoluxiim.


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