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TiVo headed for Time Warner Cable, maybe many other providers

Posted in Tivo by Conner Flynn on June 22nd, 2009

TiVo headed for Time Warner Cable, maybe many other providersLooks like TiVo is trying to muscle their way into several providers, having gotten a victory out of EchoStar in that DVR patent lawsuit. It’s in talks to bring its service to Time Warner Cable, and according to sources, the endgame is to collect royalties from every pay-TV provider in the US.

That might sound arrogant, or even bullying, but the patents have withstood nearly every legal challenge EchoStar could throw at them, so TiVo is pretty confidant. It has license agreements with Comcast and DirecTV to use as leverage in negotiations too.

Things could change. TiVo’s products have problems, and the company’s balance sheet has some analysts thinking its ripe for a buyout. Well see how it goes, but for now your chances of getting the TiVo interface on your cable or satellite company DVR just went up.


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