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SKYlaser Power Adjustable Laser Review

Posted in Review by Darrin Olson on June 16th, 2009

SKYlaser adjustable power laserThe guys over at SKYlaser gave us the opportunity recently to check out there version of a 150mW green laser pointer with a unique adjustable power feature. We’ve reviewed a number of types of lasers and laser pointers here on the ‘Brick but this is the first we’ve gotten our hands on one that has this type of adjustable power.

The nice thing about getting a powerful laser of this caliber is just that; it’s powerful. This laser has enough oomph to put a green dot on something from pretty much as far away as you can see, and that’s during the day. At night it makes a seemingly unending saber-like beam of green laser light visible for miles.

SKYlaser adjustable laserBut what we feel really makes this laser stand out from the rest is the ability to adjust the output, taking away some of that power when you wish. This allows you to potentially use the SKYlaser laser pointer as just a regular laser pointer during something like a presentation, without blinding everyone in the audience with the reflection off of the screen.

The SKYlaser uses a special small key that fits into the back of the laser to adjust it between low power, high power and off positions. Aside from just being able to adjust the power, this key can add a little bit of security to the use of the laser by keeping it from turning on when small hands get a hold of it if you happen to have children around. The key is no special cut and the laser could probably be turned to the On position without necessarily using the key, but it wouldn’t be real easy and would take some type of tool.

The 150mW green laser shipped with a pair of red tinted safety glasses and an aluminum case to store the laser, batteries and it’s special key. The case is handy and can be good for even keeping an extra set of batteries along, but the actually laser pointer does not fit in the case unless the end to replace the batteries is removed which was a little bit inconvenient.

Overall the SKYlaser performed excellently giving off a black-balloon popping powerful green beam. Once the key is switched into one of the On modes, it uses a momentary switch on the side of the pointer that turns on the laser only while being pressed. It’s housed in a strong metal case with a pen clip but is a little too big and heavy for most pocket protectors in our office.

SKYlaser adjustable power laser with key viewSKYlasers says you can get over 5000 hours of use from the laser diode, and as much as 45 minutes of use from a single set of two AAA batteries which are required to run the device. They sell green lasers of this type ranging from as little as $39 for a 5mW laser up to this 150mW version for $399.99.

UPDATE: SKYlasers say the have a new case coming out for this laser in the very near future which we assume will allow it to fit fully assembled.


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