Maverick Nica headset ships this summer

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Shane McGlaun on June 11th, 2009

I’m never sure why so many products launch in the summer. I figure that for most people, especially if they have kids, the summer is when they are least likely to heave extra loot lying around to spend. Any parent knows that a kid can go through $100 worth of ice cream and juice boxes a day. Maybe all those single people are still buying.

Maverick has announced that its Nica Bluetooth headset will ship this summer. The device has a round design and no parts that fit into the ear canal. The maker says the design makes the headset more comfortable for extended wear and allows for the use of a larger speaker.

The device has a magnetic desk dock that requires no cable be plugged into charge the headset. It sounds like it charges along the lines of the Pre with the Touchstone dock. A car charger will be available as an option for the Nica at $39 with the headset itself selling for $129.


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