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Loop Pointer In-Air Mouse Launches

Posted in Mouse by Shane McGlaun on June 15th, 2009

looppointer-sbOne of the biggest issues for users who put HTPC systems into the living room is how to control the computer from the couch across the room. A wireless keyboard will handle the typing issue, but the mouse can be more difficult since there is no desk to use.

Hillcrest Labs has announced that its Loop Pointer in-air mouse is now available for purchase. The device is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. The Loop allows the user to control the cursor on a PC screen wirelessly from across the room without needing a desk or other surface.

The device works completely in the air and features four buttons and a scroll wheel. The Pointer was a prototype designed originally to show off the Freespace in-air pointing technology. The Pointer is available for the first time for $99 on Amazon.


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