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“Alien skull” spotted on Mars

Posted in Humor by Conner Flynn on May 4th, 2009

"Alien skull" spotted on Mars NASA beamed back home some satellite images from mars. One of those images features an oddly shaped space boulder which appears to have eye sockets and a nose. So people are saying it’s a Martial skull. Further speculation shows that the skull is 15 cms with binocular eyes 5 cm apart. Also, the cranial capacity is estimated to be at 1400 cc.

There also appears to be a narrow pointed small mouth leading one to believe that this creature could be carnivorous also. We did some investigation of our own. Our findings are below.

As you can see in the image above, we did a quick comparison of several popular skulls. First, we compared the Punisher skull. Nope. Next we compared a cyborg skull, just in case the population of Mars had been killed by Terminators. Still doesn’t match.

Next we did a comparison with one of the crystal skulls. Because you know, they have powers. They aren’t similar at all. And if you compare the image to the typical alien skull it still doesn’t match. But we couldn’t help but think that this Mars “rock” looked familiar.

That’s when we made the horrible connection. Comparison of the “rock” to a typical hamster. Bingo! It’s a rodent. Holy effing god people! Martian hamsters are on the move!


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