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Cherple lets you text from your computer

Posted in Desktop PCs by Shane McGlaun on April 21st, 2009

cherple-logo-sbI don’t like to send many text messages on my cell phone. I do it on occasion, but I don’t like the small keyboard and would rather just call and talk to someone than text them. My wife on the other hand likes to text and sends me lots of messages throughout the day.

A program called Cherple launched in January 2009 and now has 10 million users around the world. The website allows users to send SMS text messages from any Internet connected computer to any U.S. cellular number for free directly from a computer.

The person receiving the texts and replying to them will be charged standard text rates though. The tool would be great for businesses that want to text employees without having to actually send the texts out via a cell phone. The upside is that you can write the texts on your computer much faster than you can on a phone.


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