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TomTom offers new map subscription service

Posted in TomTom by Shane McGlaun on March 20th, 2009

tomtom-logo-sbI’ve mentioned before that I like GPS devices. However, when the maps start to get out of date or there is heavy road construction in your area that was recently completed it can leave the maps inside the system lacking. There is nothing worse than having your GPS tell you to take a route that has roads that no longer exist.

TomTom has announced a new service called the Map Update Service that allows customers to get quarterly map updates for a year. The price of the service is $39.80 for four updates per year or $9.95 per individual update.

The Watchmen Xbox 360

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on March 20th, 2009

The Watchmen Xbox 360Looking for something a bit different in an Xbox 360? How about this Watchmen themed console? The Fresno Beehive is giving it away.

To enter for a chance to win, just go to their site and write up your review of the Watchmen movie in 50 words or less. Each review will be entered into a drawing for several “Watchmen” prizes, including a Watchmen game and this sweet Xbox, wjhich features photos of Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl II.

Elivision puts 17-inch LCD display on a door

Posted in LCD by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

Elivision puts 17-inch LCD display on a doorElivision believes that when god closes a window, he opens a door…with a 17-inch LCD display on it. Or something like that. Anyway, a door like this may be attached to your home in the near future. Developed using a Linux-based DID board, the display is accompanied by a speaker.

We don’t have any word on the pricing or specs, but hear that the display supports a range of media files fed through a USB port. Check out a video after the jump.

Mercury Skates make in-line skating smoooooth

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

Mercury Skates make in-line skating smooooothI have seen the future of skates and its name is Mercury. It’s finally skating weather for those of you who enjoy it, but all that vibration due to crappy roads and sidewalks takes away from the experience, doesn’t it?

Maybe designer Pouyan Mokhtarani will make it a more pleasant experience with these skates that look like they are still scorching hot due to arriving from the future. Springs and airbags in the shoes could make skating feel as smooth as ice skating. Judging by the looks of these skates, skating may even be like flying.

LG confirms Apple’s new OLED notebook

Posted in Apple by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

LG confirms Apple's new OLED notebook, iPhone and moreAdd this one to the rumor mill. The Korean manufacturing giant somehow has info on Apple’s netbook and they know it’s an OLED touchscreen. How do they know this? Because they possess the technology that prevents smudges and stains on an OLED screen and Apple wants it.

Apple already has a working prototype of this netbook and are about to manufacture it using LG’s screen. The Apple netbook won’t probably be a tablet like in the photo above.

Echo Bot Voice Messenger is a geeky desk guard

Posted in Security by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

Echo Bot Voice Messenger is a geeky desk guardAt first glance the Echo Bot Voice Messenger looks like a webcam. It isn’t and it is designed to fool people in just that way. It’s really a motion detector that will guard your desk or cubicle from others who might intrude.

The idea is that you record messages that are triggered by the motion detector. Just record your message,(We would advise something nasty and filled with some particularly colorful metaphors about respecting your stuff) then let the motion detector do it’s thing. If your co-worker invades your space they are going to get a nasty surprise.

The Cherry Chomper is waiting patiently for your finger

Posted in Kitchen by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

Cherry ChomperThe Cherry chomper supposedly provides a safe, quick and easy way to pit cherries, but this little guy looks entirely too happy about his job. Like he’s waiting to take a bite out of your finger. A “plunger design action pushes pit and residual juice into the bottom container”.

This little guy has chomped more cherries than Fabio after a book/I can’t believe it’s not butter signing. Yeah, it says the protective ‘tooth’ ensures that hands and fingers stay safely out of the way, but I’m not buying it, because teeth can fall out.

Gamestop Wii supply is finally meeting demand

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

wii-sbThis story has been three years in the making. Video game retailer GameStop finally has enough Nintendo Wii consoles for everyone, and it only took about three years for it to happen. In an interview with Gamasutra, GameStop’s senior VP of merchandising Bob McKenzie says that the company’s supply of Nintendo Wii consoles has finally caught up with demand.

“You know, three years later, we finally have enough inventory on the shelf, and we’ve got a couple of weeks in supply of this. That’s good because we can finally determine and gauge it before we get into the fourth holiday season.”

iPhone 3.0 OS reveals new iPhones, iPods

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

iPhone 3.0 features cut-and-paste, a whole lot moreThere are always rumors of a new iPhone model, but how about two new iPhone models and a couple of new iPod touches? It looks like a deconstruction of the beta 3.0 build provided to developers this week has uncovered product code “iPhone2,1″ found before plus a newer, “iPhone3,0.”

The iPhone 3G is identified as “iPhone1,2,”. The current iPod touch is “iPod2,1″, but models “iPod2,2″ and “iPod3,1″ have both been rooted out of the binary. We would likely see new iPhone models in June.

Logitech Harmony adapter for PlayStation 3

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

Logitech Harmony adapter for PlayStation 3Here’s some awesome news for PS3 owners. It’s been a long long wait, and I mean long, but this device has now hit the FCC. The details are few, but you should be excited. Until now Playstation owners with IR-based universal remotes have had to use bulky IR-to-Bluetooth converters so that the pair can communicate.

That will all change when the E-R0001 hits the market. We’ll have to wait to get the answers to all of your questions, like when? and How much?

Apple adds HD video purchases to iTunes store

Posted in iTunes by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

Apple adds HD video purchases to iTunes storeApple’s latest announcement gets high-def movie purchases to the iTunes Store. HD TV shows were already available to buy, but HD movies were rental-only. Until now anyway. HD movies will cost you $19.99, and though it isn’t known for sure yet, they’re likely the same H.264 compressed 720p quality.

Purchases will come with both an HD file and an iPod/iPhone-ready SD file and Apple says that HD rentals will now be on the store within 30 days of retail release.

GTA: Chinatown Wars DS Lite

Posted in Nintendo DS by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

GTA: Chinatown Wars DS LiteEarlier in the week, the Nintendo World Store in New York celebrated the release of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS. To honor the occasion, there was a special midnight release party with the usual free stuff and special giveaways.

The above DS Lite was one of those giveaways. And yes, I feel your pain and also wish I was there. Lucky bastitches. Check out the GTA:CTW chopstick styluses, which I’m sure gives Nintendo all kinds of ideas about a game that teaches one how to use them.

Robot gaming peripheral patented by Sony

Posted in patents by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

Robot gaming peripheral patented by SonyRemember Nintendo’s gaming robot ROB? Well, it looks like Sony has a new patent application for an add-on gaming robot, which will react to both the game and the user.

The patent was filed in June last year, for a robot that moves around the room detecting the environment, and then displaying the same on the integrated screen. The bot would be equipped with wheels, acceleration sensors, camera, microphone and speakers to carry out all of it’s sinister missions, like listening and responding to user commands.

The Chinese create fake Apple Netbook

Posted in Apple by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

The Chinese create fake Apple NetbookYou could always just wait for Apple to release its first netbook, but you may be in for a long wait. But if you’re in China, turns out you can now get one. Manufacturers in Shenzhen got sick of waiting and created their own netbook. Like any copycat, they had to make some adjustments to the design, ike the inverted fruit on the top cover.

When it comes to specs, the WF188 actually isn’t too shabby. It features a 10-inch LED display with a resolution of 1024 x 576, a 1.3Ghz Via Nano processor with the VIA VX855 chipset, and a max of 2GB RAM. You can choose between a 160GB hard drive or up to 64GB SSD. Bluetooth, 802.11b/g wireless, and 3.5G HSDPA connectivity.

Pandora Radio app for BlackBerry

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

Pandora Radio app for BlackBerryThis morning Pandora released its long awaited radio streaming application for BlackBerry. The guys at The BoyGenius Report tested it on a Bold via AT&T. According to them, “it’s everything we’ve been waiting for”.

The performance is pretty good and it has all of the basic features you want, like song skipping, rating a song thumbs up or down, pausing and creating a new station are all there. You can also bookmark a song or artist. T-Mobile won’t support it however for the Storm.