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NASA and Microsoft offer space images to public

Posted in Microsoft by Shane McGlaun on March 25th, 2009

wwtelescope-sbI have spent many summer nights in the back yard looking at the stars with my kids. They particularly like to look through the telescope and see the moon and other planets up close. If you don’t have a telescope or live in a city where there is too much light, Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope is a great alternative.

Microsoft and NASA have announced that the two firms will be working together to provide NASA images and data to the public under the Space Act Agreement. The firms will work together to develop the technology and infrastructure needed to offer the most interesting NASA content via Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope.

Among the images that will be offered on the Microsoft service will be those captured by the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The MRO has been imaging Mars since 1995 and the LRO will make images public in the fall of 2009. The WorldWide Telescope software is available free from Microsoft.

WorldWide Telescope

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