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Modified Roomba detects stress, runs away from its abuser

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on March 17th, 2009

Modified Roomba detects stress, runs away from its abuserThis modified Roomba avoids users when it detects high levels of stress. Which is good for it because otherwise it would just be willing to take your abuse if you’re the sick sort that kicks puppies, cute kitties and helpless roombas.

It was designed by researchers at the University of Calgary, who interact with the bot via a headband for gamers that detects how much muscle tension is in your face. The more tension, the more space the Roomba will put between itself and you. The idea is to explore human and machine interaction on an emotional level.

It’s all well and good until your roomba calls child services and gets itself extricated from your home. Note to you: No more coming home after work and yelling, “Where’s my dinner biatch!” at your Roomba. It doesn’t have to take your crap anymore


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