FC Mobile II for NES games is a handheld and home console

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on March 29th, 2009

FC Mobile II for NES games is a handheld and home consoleThe FC Mobile II Console will let you play all of your old NES games. It improves on its predecessor by pulling double duty as a handheld and a home gaming system in one unit. NES cartridges can be docked directly in to the portable handheld system which features a 2.5″ LCD screen. While the home gaming system can be connected to a TV screen, and now comes with 2 wireless handheld controllers, and a wireless gun for playing hours of Duck Hunt.

The FC Mobile II is available in black or white. No word on pricing yet but the previous system sells for about $40. So you may want to consider digging out all those NES cartridges.

[Chip Chick]

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