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SMELLIT concept makes Cheech and Chong worth watching

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on February 12th, 2009

SMELLIT concept makes Cheech and Chong worth watchingWe’ve perfected the art of excellent sound and HD movies in our Home Movie Theaters. But something is missing. A sense of smell. If you can smell it, you are there. That’s where SMELLIT comes in. Imagine watching a chef make a pizza and being able to smell every detail, like you could also taste it. You could watch some Cheech and Chong movies and get a contact high.

SMELLIT works just like your printer, but ink cartridges are replaced with smell cartridges. As your DVD or Blu-ray player reads the video and sound information, SMELLIT processes the same DVD, but the ”smell CARD” decodes the smell information from 10 to 20 seconds* ahead of the actual scene so the odors have time to hit you. After information is read, the cartridge vaporizes a very small amount of “smell gel”, and the central fan distributes the smell in all directions. It can be loaded with up to 118 cartridges, each with a different “smell gel”.

Pretty cool but there are some downsides. Like watching frat boy movies where there’s a lot of farting and puking. I think I’ll pass on smelling that one. I also wouldn’t want to watch Chris Farley running around and getting all sweaty.


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