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Playstation ‘DualShock Vortex’ concept is twisted

Posted in Controllers by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

Playstation ‘DualShock Vortex’ concept is twistedThis concept for a Playstation controller looks awesome, but how does it benefit you the player? The idea is that you can twist the two sides of your controller around. How that benefits you in any way, I have no idea. I can see being able to pull them apart. That gives you more freedom like the Wii controllers. But twisting it at a bizarre angle?

The thinking is that it’s for certain things in game. Like when you are on a cycle. When you twist the controller, you are twisting the throttle. So, its uses are going to be pretty limited. Which is why I don’t think we will be seeing this one anytime soon.

Interesting idea. Limited use.


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