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Samsung SPH-W6450 the “OZ Double Folder Phone”

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

Samsung SPH-W6450 the “OZ Double Folder Phone”This one from Samsung Korea is targeting mobile Internet users. The SPH-W6450 is dubbed the ‘OZ Double Folder Phone’ since the clamshell can be folded vertically when texting or calling and horizontally when watching DMB TV or using other multimedia functions. Not because it has GPS to help you follow the yellow brick road.

The SPH-W6450 has a 2.8 inch LCD screen, 3 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, and a dictionary. It’s available in Korea only for about $410.

Lenovo i60 & i60s phones

Posted in Lenovo by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

Lenovo i60 & i60s phonesLenovo does more then just laptops with an extra screen. In fact, they’ve just introduced a couple of handsets dubbed the i60 and i60s. The i60 will sport a 3″ display, while the i60s offers a smaller display and uses the additional space for more buttons. To support that larger screen, the i60 has a 1250mAh battery.

Some other features include: Dual-band (900/1800 MHz) GSM radio, Integrated media player, Built-in FM radio, microSDHC memory card slot, WQVGA resolution at 240 x 400 pixels. Apart from that, we don’t have many other details. Both handsets look like they will see a China release.

Worlds first HDMI 1080p digital photo viewer

Posted in Digital Imaging by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

Worlds first HDMI 1080p digital photo viewerHi-Den Vision based in Hong Kong have created the worlds first HDMI 1080p digital photo viewer dubbed the HD-0310. This gadget hooks up to your 1080p HDTV and allows images to be displayed from a memory card direct to your HDTV.

The HD-0310 1080p photo viewer is pretty compact and will use USB storage devices and Compact Flash Type I/II, SD, SDHC, MMC, MS, MS Pro, MS PRO Duo, SmartMedia, MiniSD, Trans-Flash, MicroSD and xD. It also sports video playback through the USB port. The 1080p photo viewer will also give you 16 transitional effects as well as random playback of images. If you like, you’ll be able to skip through images with the remote control.

Playstation ‘DualShock Vortex’ concept is twisted

Posted in Controllers by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

Playstation ‘DualShock Vortex’ concept is twistedThis concept for a Playstation controller looks awesome, but how does it benefit you the player? The idea is that you can twist the two sides of your controller around. How that benefits you in any way, I have no idea. I can see being able to pull them apart. That gives you more freedom like the Wii controllers. But twisting it at a bizarre angle?

The thinking is that it’s for certain things in game. Like when you are on a cycle. When you twist the controller, you are twisting the throttle. So, its uses are going to be pretty limited. Which is why I don’t think we will be seeing this one anytime soon.

Acer Hornet NVIDIA Ion nettop leaks

Posted in Acer by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

Acer Hornet NVIDIA Ion nettop leaksSome leaked Acer slides suggest the company is planning a high-end nettop device with NVIDIA’s Ion graphics chipset. The Acer Hornet is a compact computer with either a dual or single-core Intel Atom processor, together with the 1080p-capable Ion, and be optionally VESA mounted on the back of a monitor.

We don’t have full specifications for the Acer Hornet, but we do know it has an HDMI output and a Wiimote-style motion-sensitive remote that can be used for gaming and and general control. The slides also suggest that the Hornet is “silent” while operating.

QPD speakers are motorized

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

QPD speakers are motorizedMost speakers, though they may deliver great sound, just sit there doing nothing more than sounding off. These QPD speakers however do a little more. They’re motorized so they can do things like park themselves back into the ceiling or wall and disappear from sight.

That way when you aren’t using them, no one knows they are there. Pretty cool. And they won’t take up any extra room in your environment, while letting you add as many as you want, anywhere you want.

Sony releases NW-S730FK series Walkman

Posted in Walkman by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

Sony Releases NW-S730FK series WalkmanSony just expanded the Walkman line with the NW-S730FK Series that consists of the 8GB NW-S738FK and the 4GB NW-S736FK. Both devices come with a somewhat small 2″ TFT display and support WMA, MP3, ATRAC, linear PCM, ATRAC Advanced Lossless, HE-AAC and AAC audio formats, while images are just JPEG.

If it’s video you like, it will handle movies and clips in AVC(H.264/AVC), Windows Media Video 9 and MPEG-4 formats. Your choice of black, gold, red or pink. No word yet on a release outside of Japan.

Paintball Turret System, oh the pain

Posted in Weapons by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

Paintball Turret System, oh the painIt hurts just looking at this thing. If you actually have to face the Paintball Turret System on the paintball battlefield, you are in for a world of hurt. It outguns anything else you’ve got and I don’t think you’ll be able to get close enough to take the shooter out. Unless you’re crazy enough to run straight up to it and that’s not a good idea since it can shoot 34 balls a second. That is gonna hurt.

This paintball turret system can be configured as a wired or wireless platform and it’s even portable for quick backpack style deployments and can be controlled with heads up displays up to a half mile away. It’s a devious project. Only one who seeks paintball domination the world over would come up with such an invention.

Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP

Posted in Fujifilm by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2009

Fujifilm FinePix Z33WPFujifilm just announced their latest FinePix digital camera, the Z33WP. It targets those of us with a more adventurous spirit, since it is waterproof up to 3 meters and boasts large rubber-type buttons. Some features include a 10 megapixel sensor with 3x optical zoom and a 2.7″ LCD display that will provide instant previews.

The Z33WP only measures 20mm thin. You can choose from green, blue, black, gold and pink options. Though I can’t see most adventurers choosing pink. The FinePix Z33WP is expected to have a £200 price point.

Live Luggage announces Hybrid PA motorized bag

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on February 26th, 2009

Live Luggage Hybrid PAWhen I travel I go light with nothing that I can’t fit in my two allowed carry-on bags. My wife on the other hand packs enough clothing and stuff that she uses one of those massive suitcases that you have to check. Despite the fact that I pack light, I end up pulling my wife’s massive bag through the airport.

Last year a company called Live Luggage announced a bag for people tired of schlepping big bags around that has a battery powered electric motor inside to help with getting around.

AT&T gets black Pantech Breeze

Posted in AT&T by Shane McGlaun on February 26th, 2009

Pantech BreezeThe smartphone market is booming and complex, feature packed devices like the iPhone and the G1 may catch the eye of fans of technology. However, there is a large portion of the handset market that cares nothing for all the geeky features and complexity of the average smartphone.

For the non-techie group of mobile phone users Pantech has announced a new black version of its Breeze handset. We first saw the Pantech Breeze in silver last year when it debuted at AT&T. The new handset is the same thing with a black case that may keep its looks longer than the silver version.

Midnight Club: Los Angles DLC coming in March

Posted in Games by Shane McGlaun on February 26th, 2009

Midnight Club: LAOne of the coolest games I have played on the PS3 for a while is Midnight Club: Los Angles. I think the game is every bit as fun (and very similar to) Need for Speed Undercover. One of the most interesting parts of Midnight Club: LA is that the locations in the game are all real from the LA area.

Back in December 2008 I mentioned that Rockstar had said it would be bringing DLC for the game to players. The developer has finally announced a launch date for two different DLC packs. Both packs will be available for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 on March 12.

Dell whips out green 24-inch LCD

Posted in Dell by Shane McGlaun on February 26th, 2009

Dell G2410 LCDOne of the biggest places that you can save on your power usage in your home or business is by cutting off devices like TVs and PC LCDs that draw power even when they aren’t being used. Dell has announced a new 14-inch LCD that has features for green power savings.

The display is called the G2410 24-inch Wide Green Flat Panel monitor. Typically, 24-inch LCDs have a resolution of 1920 x 1200, but dell cuts the G2410 back to 1920 x 1080, plenty for full 1080p movies and content. However, the gamer out there will be disappointed by the lack of full resolution.

Sony OLED Walkmans are UK bound with prices & dates

Posted in Walkman by Conner Flynn on February 25th, 2009

Sony OLED Walkmans are UK bound with prices & datesThey’ve done it again. By “it”, I mean once again another country gets first dibs before us. Duh! Those in the UK will be receiving the new line of Sony’s OLED touchscreen Walkmans soon. Amazon UK has already started taking pre-orders.

The X Series will be available in 16GB and 32GB sizes, and will have a shipping period from a two to five weeks. The 16GB and 32GB models will retail for £214 and £283. It’s a great looking device. Are you sold at those prices?

16943 TV swings both ways

Posted in Television by Conner Flynn on February 25th, 2009

16943 TV swings both waysHere’s a first. This 16943 television concept is capable of going both ways. The Television is designed so that no matter what type of program you’re watching, you’ll always have the correct aspect ratio and the picture will fill your screen. It would be pretty strange watching things on this TV.

The TV can display video image ratios for both 16:9 and 4:3 (Get it? 16943…). Sadly, it will never be produced, but it’s an interesting and bizarre solution. Maybe if the side could retract, it might be less distracting.