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GameStop launches Nintendo DSi reservation program

Posted in Gamestop by Shane McGlaun on February 19th, 2009

Nintendo DSiOne thing that is certainly associated with the newest game systems from Nintendo is difficulty finding them. Many people who want a Wii still don’t have one because they can’t find it on store shelves. With the new Nintendo DSi set to launch in April, you may want to start pre-ordering now.

GameStop has announced that it is running a reservation program that for a limited number of DSi hopefuls will ensure they get their hands on the new portable gaming system when it launches. The DSi is being offered in a girly blue color and black.

To place a reservation for the systems requires a $25 deposit and the consoles will sell for $169.99 for the DSi alone and you can get the DSi with a starter pack for $194.89. Highlights of the DSi are a pair of larger LCDs, a SD card slot and dual cameras for taking and editing photos.


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