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EasyBloom Plant Sensor is a garden know-it-all

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on February 9th, 2009

EasyBloom Plant Sensor is a garden know-it-allThis is a great device if your thumb is brown rather than green. Consider it a cheat for becoming a great gardener. The EasyBloom Plant Sensor consists of two gadgets, a USB-enabled processor, and the sensor it plugs into that you also will stick into your soil. The sensor will clue you in on what your garden requires, telling you things like how much sun that area is getting as well as moisture, humidity etc.

After it collects 24 hours of data and chastises you about being a plant killer, plug it into your computer and it will give you valuable info what sorts of plants will thrive in your garden. You can search by color, height and other options. It’s at this point that you realize that the device is little more than a digital book of flowers that do well in your area, but it could still help those who kill plants just by looking at them.

It will cost you $60, so you may just want to buy a book.

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