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Digital Butler will get you everything

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on February 10th, 2009

Digital Butler will get you everythingIn the old days you just rang a bell and your servant would arrive to do your bidding. That’s kind of what this Digital Butler concept is all about. It will run on advanced 4G networks, with GPS to give you details on everything, like all the hip goings on in town etc. The circular design makes it easy to navigate with a touch screen display.

There’s also an accelerometer, a PDA phone feature, built-in LED projector and full-time network connection to all kinds of VIP services. It should probably be attached to a wheelchair so it can drive your lazy butt to all the hip spots. And it would have to be connected to all of your robots so they can run your errands.

After your muscles all atrophy, it can carry your brain around and keep you on life support.


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