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Sony to offer wearable walkman

Posted in Walkman by Conner Flynn on January 7th, 2009

Sony to offer wearable walkmanSony is all set to offer a completely different type of Walkman. This time it’s aimed at the budget conscious consumer who wants something to match their active lifestyle. The upcoming W-series Walkman has some nice aesthetics for such users. It sports 2GB of storage, and a low price point ($50-75).

The design looks a little too cutesy with the heart shape and all. It’s basically a sleek wrap around earphone that has magnetic connectors on each end to keep it bound together when not in use. That’s what forms the shape. What you see is the entire player. The earphones are 13.5mm EX quality, and currently supported codecs include MP3, AAC, WMA (w/ DRM) and PCM.

Word is it has incredible battery life and a very minimal charging requirement. Three minutes equals a ninety minute charge, while thirty minutes will let you listen to music for the suggested twelve hour continuous playback. And Sony’s included ZAPPIN technology continues to play a series of short music clips from your own music library until you can find your favorite song to match your mood.


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