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showTIME connects your iPhone to your TV

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on January 29th, 2009

showTIME connects your iPhone to your TVThere are some people out there who like to bore the rest of us with slideshows of their vacations, weddings, and other things we could care less about. You sit, you try to be nice. “Oh that’s lovely. Where did you take that pic?” You’re sorry you asked after a fifteen minute explanation.

This device will help such people bore you more effectively, by letting them connect their iPhone to the TV. It’s a cable. If you see them pull this out, run! But if you are the picture shower, just plug one end into your iPhone or iPod and the other into the RCA input on a TV. Then you can control a slideshow or show a video.

The showTIME will be available soon for about $40. Don’t get caught unaware and have to sit through a 2 hour snooze fest of family video.


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