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Ultra slim Digit MP3 player concept

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on December 9th, 2008

Ultra slim Digit MP3 player conceptLisbon based Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira designed this ultra slim Digit MP3 Player concept. It’s user friendly and comes with a wireless stereo headset and 20GB of built-in memory. Design-wise it’s a thing of beauty. And it does away with wires completely.

Just look at those sleek curves and soft, shiny surfaces. Plus it’s slimmer then a model who just went to powder her nose and lose her dinner. It’s damn sexy, that’s what it is. Too bad it’s only a concept right now. But it will happen soon enough as the wireless headset thing is already here. We just need more of this kinda sexy.

I want to touch it. Go on long walks. Have a picnic with it. Tell it my hopes and dreams…


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