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Mamoru, Japan’s creepy robot assistant for the eldery

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on December 15th, 2008

Mamoru, Japan’s creepy robot assistant for the elderyMamoru is a small elder-care robot created by the University of Tokyo that sort of resembles an old granny, complete with little plastic bun. It’s designed to help the elderly or disabled remember where they left their remote control or their slippers, and even offers polite reminders when it’s time to take their medicine. Mamoru recognizes objects by using a wide-angle camera to study the room. Image recognition software tells it what each object is, so it knows where everything is.

Why do we need creepy robots to look after our elderly? Do they not already fear one creature known as the Grim Reaper? Are we trying to creep them into the grave? No. No we are not. There are simply not enough caregivers compared to the number of those who need care. So, we must take our chances and hope that these robots do not torment them and start hiding the meds rather then helping to find them.

[Loving the machine]

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