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Fire-Breathing robo dog is ready for the apocalypse

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on December 10th, 2008

Fire-Breathing robo dog is ready for the apocalypseThe dudes at the Mutoid Waste Company just need 3 more of these beasts, then they can roam the future wastelands as the Four Robo-dog-men of the Apocalypse, spreading fire and carnage wherever they ride and fulfilling prophecies.

For now they have one. These guys love them some scrap metal and Larry is their latest creation to crawl out of the gates of the workshop and onto the streets of London, breathing fire with each step forward. See the bot in action below.

He’s made entirely from scrap and sports a Citroen 2CV engine. Larry can walk on its front two legs, but has two tires in place of hind legs. It took only four weeks to build. For the eyes, Larry used a radar detecting device from an airplane scrapyard.

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