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Apple triBook concept: the future of MacBooks?

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on December 10th, 2008

Apple triBook concept: the future of MacBooks?This is of course just a concept, but one can easily see the benefits. It actually looks pretty darn beautiful. Three screens in one with a trackpad the same size as the keyboard. The concept uses the aluminum hardware of Apple’s new laser-cut “brick” technology to provide rigidity and strength to the attached displays screens of the 21-inch triBook.

It’s got an 8x SuperDrive, a few I/O connectors, a high-quality hard drive and a CPU similarly to the MacBook. I’m guessing the screens fold into the main screen without scratching themselves somehow or they detach. Pretty sweet design. Let’s hope Apple is paying attention. I don’t know about the huge trackpad though.

One can never have enough screens.