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Star Trek Plate Covers make light switches fun again

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on November 12th, 2008

Star Trek Plate Covers make light switchesCheck out these Star Trek TNG plate covers for nerd pretend time in your home. The movie will be out soon so why not dress up your light switches? You can get three of them for $18 each. The power plug plate is probably the coolest as it says Plasma Flux Hazard. And that, my geek friend, allows you to pretend that a warp core breach is imminent. You and Geordi better get the hell out of there.

After play time, you can argue about who looks better in Spock ears and when your nerd rage takes over you’ll no doubt roll around on the floor and fight ala Kirk and Spock in the episode entitled Amok Time. And though it’s just wrong, that fighting will give way to sweet love. Afterwards you try to convince yourselves that it’s the work of an evil entity on board the ship. Just another day in the life of 2 Trekkies.

[Think Geek]

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