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Philips iPill is a smart pill with a brain

Posted in Health by Conner Flynn on November 11th, 2008

Philips iPill is a smart pill with a brainPhilips’ Intelligent Pill is basically a robotic capsule that can handle a bunch of advanced medical functions wile inside of you. For one thing, knowing it’s location in your body. It’s capable of measuring acidity and temperature in the stomach, figures out it’s position and knows whether or not it should release medicine in that spot. The device uses a microprocessor, wireless radio and battery, along with a pump and deposit for the drugs.

The idea is that since it can deliver drugs in the exact spot needed, less drugs are required and that means fewer side effects. According to researchers, the prototype is ready for mass production. And your stomach. Let’s hope it’s not smart enough to lay nano-eggs in you and reproduce.


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