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SAFA Xing MP3 Player is button happy, looks like PEZ

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on October 9th, 2008

SAFA Xing MP3 Player goes button happyWe recently told you about the SAFA Bandi. Here’s the SAFA Xing MP3 player that looks like pastel colored candy. Oversized PEZ to be precise. The other thing you’ll notice right off are five large tactile buttons on the surface. Inside you can store 1GB worth of songs. The built-in battery will last you 5 hours before you need a recharge.

It measures just 50mm × 22mm × 13mm and weighs only 12.2 grams, so it’s small enough to be stashed away anywhere. But I have to ask. Why no separate PEZ dispenser with a variety of heads? I’m thinking I want to insert the PEZ module into the dispenser and have a head mimic the singing of my music. Come on, that would be gold. No word on pricing yet. Back to the PEZ thing. Somebody make that happen.


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