RadioShack starts recycling program for electronics

Posted in Green by Shane McGlaun on October 28th, 2008

RadioShack LogoAlmost everyone is trying to be more environmentally responsible today. One way that geeks can do their part is by recycling their old used electronic gear rather than tossing it into the trash can when you have had your way with it. The catch is that many recycling programs don’t offer any scratch in exchange for your old gear.

Recycling electronics for many programs isn’t something done merely to help the environment. The gadgets are recycled and with enough bulk, recyclers can get as much gold and other precious metals from the electronics as you get from a small gold mine. RadioShack has announced a new electronic recycling program that takes back certain electronic items like cell phones, MP3 players, laptops and more and gives people some loot on a gift card for their trouble.

How much your gear is worth depends on the product type. A 2G iPod nano that works and includes charger and headphones will grab you about $40. The same player broken and missing headphones and charger is worth only a few bucks. The money comes back to you in the form of a RadioShack gift card in about 14 days after receipt of the item.


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