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GoLive2 announces MMO driving game for Stix controllers

Posted in Controllers by Shane McGlaun on October 21st, 2008

GoLive2 RacingOver the summer, an unknown company called GoLive2 announced what at first glanced sounded like a cool product called Stix. Stix was basically Wii-like motion controls for the PC. I tested a set of the Stix 200 controllers and found they weren’t that good.

GoLive2 is back with a new MMO racing game designed for the Stix controller titled GoLive2 Racing. Let’s be honest about this, the chances of the game being decent are slim to none when you consider how poorly the Stix controllers themselves functioned.

Still, if you are a glutton for punishment, the racing game is free to play if you only want access to the short and long tracks. For a “modest” monthly fee, you can get access to more tracks, avatars, and race car upgrades. I don’t see gamers beating a line to the website for this one. GoLive2 should focus on improving the controllers before they try to storm the gaming world with games specifically for the Stix system.