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DriveAssist let’s you concentrate on driving

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on October 14th, 2008

DriveAssist let’s you concentrate on drivingSo are you the type to pick up a call while driving or let your voicemail handle it? Chances are you take the call, but the truth is that driving while distracted is becoming more of a problem lately. People are dying. That’s why Canadian software company Aegis Mobility has developed software to help.

It’s called DriveAssist and the basically the software detects whether or not you’re driving and if you are, it will hold your calls, telling the person on the other end that you’re behind the wheel. It has an emergency feature built in. In an emergency the caller can enter an override and reach you. As a passenger you can also use the phone. But will people actually go for this, being so addicted to their devices?


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