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Aptus unveils USB motion control games

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on October 7th, 2008

Aptus unveils USB motion control gamesLast month we told you about Aptus’ new line of Mini-Motion controllers that will be available for different games. Here’s some more info on the games. The games planned are called Cars of Fury, Hoverboard, and Home Run King. Yeah, they don’t sound all that swell. The skateboarding game comes with a miniature skateboard controller; the car game has a USB car; Hoverboard has a hoverboard etc.

They connect to the PC via USB. In the Cars of Fury game, you race the RC cars around the track and try to blow up the other guys. As far as the Hoverboard game, you’ll be racing in power-tunnels at mach speeds and doing tricks. It all sounds very crappy and just as we thought, it would appear that these are just fancy joysticks with little or no motion control.


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