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USB Ladybug mouse is cute, clickable

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on September 7th, 2008

USB Ladybug mouse is cute, clickableYour mouse says a lot about your personality. If you like portability and great design your mouse of choice is probably the arc, while a Baseball fan would love this dorky mouse. Maybe you love the Olympics, but use these Olympic Mascot mice year round.

What I’m saying is that our mice are as varied as we are. What kind of person would use these Ladybug mice from Brando? I’m thinking girls mostly, maybe strange scientist dudes that collect bugs and put holes in the lid. I have no idea, but they look good out in the grass and for $12 you might as well get all buggy. If it doesn’t work out as a mouse you can always mod it to be a desktop Roomba or something.


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