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First details of DJ Hero game

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on September 14th, 2008

First Details Of DJ Hero GameLiving room DJ’s can now also be poseurs, joining the ranks of plastic guitar Gods everywhere. After two years of development, the “controller” for the new game is basically a “simplified DJ deck” as you might expect. You get a platter for scratching; sampling buttons; cross fader; and a sound effects dial which is the equivalent of the whammy bar in Guitar Hero.

It should hit shelves this summer and word is it will include the ability to use Guitar Hero guitars for versus mode face-offs. No flowing musical notes gliding down a guitar neck here. Instead, DJ Hero will flow the music down and around a virtual record in a half arc. Either left top to middle bottom if you are left handed, or right top to middle bottom if you are right handed. Wannabe DJ’s I’m sure have been waiting for this, as for the rest of you, do you guys have any room left in your home after buying all the other games?


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