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Cassette Tape USB Hub keeps your desk retro

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on September 1st, 2008

Cassette Tape USB Hub keeps your desk retroIf you love retro and think that the cassette died way before it’s time you might want to check out this four port cassette USB hub. It goes good with the cassette mp3 player and if you never entered the 21st century and have cassettes lying around, who’s going to notice the difference?

You can even write the name of a retro artist or album on it. I don’t know, say Night Ranger, Journey or Styx. Those who prefer to have an 8-Track hub will have to wait I guess. It will cost you about $23. I love the warning they give on the website, for those who ate too much lead as a kid: “This is not a real cassette tape and attempts to play it in a cassette player could cause serious damage to your stereo and the hub.” You’ve been warned.


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