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Zonet mouse pad with USB hub & microphone

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on August 18th, 2008

Zone mouse pad with USB hub & microphoneFor most of us a mouse pad is just a thing piece of material that we roll our mouse along. That’s really all a mouse pad is good for. But it becomes a lot more useful when you add a usb hub and a mic. Which is exactly what Zonet has done with the The Zone ZUP8020 Multifunctional Mouse Pad.

It makes sense as it combines some key peripherals to save you desk space. It sports a four port USB 2.0 hub, integrated stereo speakers, built-in microphone and built-in audio in and out ports. It’s a bit thick for a mouse pad, but maybe this will add some spice to your mouse area. If the design were thinner I think it would be a winner. Only $20.