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Turntable Watch from Tokidoki is retro cool

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on August 4th, 2008

Turntable Watch from Tokidoki is retro cool
It doesn’t get more 80′s then this. The Tokidoki company has come up with this nice looking watch that outdoes the turntable watch we told you about many months ago.

It ups the retro pop feel with vibrant colors and a nice 80s style. It makes me feel like cranking some Huey Lewis and the News while messing around on my hoverboard. The vinyl face rotates as each second ticks by. The time is displayed on the left side, looking like a radio dial. Stainless steel with leather strap. My geek mind is convinced that if you wear something this outrageously retro, Doc Brown will show up in his DeLorean. Which is why I’m getting one.

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