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Return of the USB-powered Batman spotlight

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on August 13th, 2008

Return of the USB-powered Batman spotlight
We first told you about the Bat Signal spotlight back in March. But back then no one had seen the latest Dark Knight flick yet. So it’s only natural that we would see another version now that the movie has come out. In this DIY version, they’ve updated the Bat Symbol itself to the one from the new films.

See, that’s why Batman never showed up when you called. You were using an outdated bat symbol. This one looks much cooler. You’ll need a couple of old bottle caps, tinfoil(Some of you already have hats you can tear a piece off of), cheap USB light, small piece of clear plastic, cardboard, soldiering iron, hot glue gun, paint, and some time. Then you’ll be annoying your cubicle mates in no time.


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