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R2-D2 alarm clock projects the time

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on August 11th, 2008

R2-D2 alarm clock projects the timeAnother day, another R2-D2 doo-dad to clutter up our lives. We’ll add this one to the droid dossier we’re compiling on the little guy. And for once, R2′s dome is intact and not decapitated. Just barter with some Jawas, bring this clock home to the moisture farm and have him project the time onto your wall.

At least having the time projected onto your wall makes it easy to see at night, plus you don’t have any shelf space left since your shelves have become a landing pad for Star Wars vehicles. The R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock from Wesco Limited will be released in October and can now be pre-ordered. Should you be cleaning him one day with a screwdriver, just ignore any holographic messages he plays. Because the hot chick is probably your sister anyway and it will all lead to a lot of planet hopping, Jedi training and bad prequels. Wouldn’t you rather just kick back and have some blue milk?


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